Fantasy Fridays: $32M Texas mansion has waterpark, in-ground trampoline in backyard

Image via Ebby/Curbed

Image via Ebby/Curbed

The residence itself would be enough to be worth highlighting, with its eight bedrooms, 17.5 bathrooms (17.5 bathrooms!), many ornate chandeliers, fireplaces, gilding, full-size indoor basketball court, multiple game rooms (including at least one bowling alley), ten-car garage, et cetera, et cetera. And that’s before you even get to the backyard.

Because in the backyard, you see, there is a waterpark. A genuine waterpark, with a huge waterslide, jungle gym-type thing, waterfall, fake rock formation, large pool, two cabanas, and a whole bunch of palm trees. There’s also a tennis court and an in-ground trampoline, which is not something that we are sure we’ve seen before.

This is truly the mullet of mansions: business in the front (more or less), and definitely one hundred percent party in the back. READ MORE

Via Curbed

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