Big Savings Goal? Put Your Spending On Pause

Boost that savings account with this “cold-turkey” advice — it can help you break some spending habits that may have gone awry.

How do you feel about your savings goals right now? Are you making steady progress toward what you want to accomplish — or did you get a little sidetracked recently and spend your cash instead of saving it? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Whether you’re saving for short-term goals like a summer vacation or a long-term goal like a new car, getting off-track with goals happens to all of us from time to time. The key is to hit the reset button as soon as you can so you can keep moving forward.

When you experience a few weeks or months of overspending, it can be difficult to rein it in and cut back. But just like any bad habit, the best way to break it may be to go cold turkey. In terms of your finances, you can beat those spendy habits (and boost your savings!) by trying a spending freeze. READ MORE

Via Trulia

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